The Persian Hall


With a maximum seating capacity of 200 guests


Spanning over 2500 square meters, with a towering ceiling height of over 10 meters, creating an atmosphere of grandeur.


Ideal for weddings, exhibitions, conferences, and other exquisite ceremonies.

Key Features

As the Persian sculptured glass doors graciously open, guests are met with a breathtaking sight—a stunning antique water feature, crowned by a grand chandelier that stands as an iconic centerpiece, symbolizing both class and comfort.

Traversing the hall, guests will find the central staircase and water feature adorned with freshly prepared flowers, thoughtfully selected to harmonize with the color scheme of your ceremony. The grand entrance, laid with the highest quality Portuguese quartz steps, leads to the main Persian Suite, situated opposite the mesmerizing water fountain.

Meticulous attention to Persian standards and culture defines the design of the hall, creating an ambiance that resonates with the richness of the Middle East. Gold and silver drapes elegantly cascade from the ceiling, and a striking Swarovski chandelier takes center stage within the suite.

The Persian Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including full lighting, DJ services, and live singer, seamlessly enhancing the overall experience. With a maximum seating capacity of 200 guests, each attendee is treated to a full table and the highest standard of waiter service.

We highly recommend the hiring of The Persian Hall for mehndi ceremonies, birthdays, or any smaller functions, where the hall's intimate setting perfectly complements the occasion. It is a canvas where the Middle Eastern vibe is intricately woven into every detail, offering a unique and culturally rich environment for your special moments.

Experience the enchantment of The Persian Hall, where meticulous design and impeccable service converge to create an atmosphere that transcends ordinary events.

The Persian Hall Gallery

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