The Food

It has always been our tradition to produce the best quality and tasty food. Our mouth-watering menus are what keep us above the rest. The in-house catering team prepare these dishes with great care. Suited to all sorts of budget we have 4 different menus to choose from.  

Silver Menu

2x Starters: 1 Non-Vegetarian, 1 Vegetarian

2x  Curries: 1 Non-Vegetarian Curry 1 Vegetarian Curry
1 Rice, 1 Desserts,

 2x Salads, 2x Chutney

Naans & Drinks

Gold Menu

3x Starters: 2 Non-Vegetarian, 1 Vegetarian

2x  Curries: Choose any 2 curries
1 Rice, 2 Desserts,

 3x Salads, 3x Chutney

Naans & Drinks

Diamond Menu

4x Starters: 3 Non-Vegetarian, 1 Vegetarian

3x  Curries: 2 Non-Vegetarian, 1 Vegetarian 
1 Rice, 2 Desserts,

 3x Salads, 3x Chutney

Naans & Drinks

Platimun Menu

5x Starters: 3 Non-Vegetarian, 2 Vegetarian

4x  Curries: 3 Non-Vegetarian, 1 Vegetarian 
2 Rice, 3 Desserts,

 4x Salads, 4x Chutney

Naans & Drinks